2 years of living a Sweet Life

Nov 22 , 2021

2 years of living a Sweet Life

Wow, 2 years. Where has that gone? It seems like so much has happened yet I still can remember sitting in my mum’s front room with an art sketchbook creating a mind map of name ideas for Sweet Life. If someone had told me then where I would be 730 days later, I would have said are you mad? To be honest, if you speak to me about Sweet Life, I am hard about myself with it. I always want more, always see errors I have made along the way and become frustrated. However, if you actually list the things it has achieved it is definitely something I am proud of: built up an online platform, created a corporate gifting business, had my products grace the shelves of football and rugby clubs, tackled the events world seeing Sweet Life at an event with Gym Shark and finally opening a physical shop with 3 other staff members.


The jumps listed above were big ones. Ones that at times have probably been a little soon, but I am never one to hold back. Like my mum said, you have been in a rush ever since you were born. If I am doing something, I am doing it. Sending it big time. This comes with stress though, and I often doubt whether I have made right decisions along the way. But oh well, what’s life without a little risk?


Although doubt comes into your mind, after the last few weeks and the leads Sweet Life has had I am finally feeling excited again about the next level of the journey after plunging a lot into the shop opening. Things are really coming together, the hard work is finally paying off & perhaps I can have a minute off  on a beach in the not so distance future (well actually, with what is to come that minute won’t be anytime soon haha!)


I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart who have shared, ordered & supported Sweet Life over the last 2 years. Without you, SL would just be still chilling in my mum’s kitchen with me running around Wigan on Friday nights dropping off the goods. Special thank you to those close to me (both friends & family – you know who you are) who have kept morale high when I have needed it and been there on hand when I couldn’t manage the workload. There are really too many people to name, I feel very blessed. However, I have to say a big thank you to Carl who sees every tantrum, sits with me making every decision being completely honest (no matter how much I hate the honesty sometimes!) & always making my tea.


Any advice I would give for someone starting a business? Grow a thick skin, take calculated risks and enjoy the journey. I love a reflection – I think it really puts things into perspective. There are going to be A LOT of bad days, don’t let me fool you. But those bad days, make the good days even better.


As a thank you to everyone for the last 2 years, we are planning some very exciting things this week – so keep them eyes open. You deserve a treat from us, thank you.





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