The truth of 2021 & the POA for 2022

Dec 30 , 2021

The truth of 2021 & the POA for 2022

2021, my goodness me, a reflection on this year would probably need a full book to be honest.

So much has changed since I sat here last year. No way would I have ever thought that I would have a physical shop, it was never in the plan. It just happened. Why? I wanted to push beyond the confines of the covid online world, and have this physical platform for people to come and pick their own sweets, with that soon followed some ice creams & milkshakes. I can never just be happy, I always want the best for my customers. Think Brian Potter calls it ‘sunshine indoors’ (if you know you know). In honesty the shop has given us some massive ups (summers hols & xmas week/build up) & some difficult days of quietness which questions certain decisions. Especially the input of money – the money put into opening the shop, staff, rent. But I am not one to lie down, hence why we are going to be going into the new year with a new look which will be revealed soon. It is ok to say, this isn’t working and this is what I believe will work instead. If a business owner claims the plain sailing card, its potentially because one they haven’t pushed out of their comfort zone or two, they resemble that of Pinocchio.

We have really pushed the limits of the event scene and again seen some successes and some fails. We have shared the vendor spot with names like Gymshark & Boohoo, which is mad really. Although we did enjoy our times at the events our focus is going to take a switch in 2022…

If someone had said to me last year you will merchandise for your childhood football club the tics, I would have said are you mad? Then to go on and do it for other clubs (Hibs, Bristol Rovers, Wigan Warriors to name a few) and corporate businesses, again I would say don’t be daft. But the reality is I have achieved it and without sounding like I am blowing my own trumpet, I have taken the business there. I have thought outside the box, on the days that have been proper crap. Sent emails, put stuff together and gone into my creative mind and managed to pull it out of the bag. I would say this is my proudest of 2021 and one where the business has shown massive success. And what makes it worth it is, is seeing my big mug up on the DW every time I drive past it. If you’ve not seen it yet, you really can’t miss it. Trust me.

I am going to really focus on this side of the business in 2022, and hopefully can take it to even bigger heights (can’t get much bigger than the tics though can you?!). Along with this, really focus on where the business started, online. The website is now looking great and has seen a massive influx of traffic, which is one I will push as much as I can going into the new year. 2021 potentially has taught me the biggest lessons of business, some that have been tough to take but will ensure I never make the same errors again. A really thick layer of skin has been grown.

On a personal note, this year has been an emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows, especially just as the shop was about to open. But I have made it through the other side and I am really going into 2022 with the bit between my teeth. I am lucky to have such a likeminded person, Carl, with me every step of the way. He shares every high, mops up every tear and tries his best to eat my profits. I also have a massive set of friends and family who support me every step of the way, I am really blessed. I would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported SL this year, without you it simply wouldn't work. Every order that comes in on the website, every foot stepped through our doors & every view on my mad videos I never take for granted.

I thought I’d finish my blog a little different than normal, with a little shout out to my Grandma who definitely is the reason for my sweet tooth. I’ll always keep fruit pastilles on the menu for you. Where will I be sat next year? Who actually knows? I am a bit mad, anything could happen. I hope 2022 is a good one for you & here’s to spreading the sweetness for another year.



Amy x

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