January: when the going gets tough

Jan 16 , 2022

January: when the going gets tough

Mental struggles in January are TOUGH. After the December madness, you are so overwhelmed with how well your business did it makes January hit even harder. In realistic terms, some months are ok, some months are good, some months are GREAT & some months are bloody terrible. What can we do? Lie down and die. Well yeah we could, and I am telling you now there’s plenty of times A DAY I feel like giving it up. This can be because of a bad day online or in the shop or just because running a business takes over your life. Every thought becomes, what next? How can we better what we did last Xmas? How can we make the shop better? Why was today totally CRAP? Does everyone hate Sweet Life now? When in fact these are irrational thoughts, but totally natural. Let’s look at how I manage these feelings and move forward – not to say I hold the answers for everything but this is how I manage not to give up when the going gets tough.

January is a strange month. It is a new goal or beginning for people, it’s a hard month money wise and its dark & cold. But let’s take that first point. It is a new goal. That can include your business. What is your new goal as a business owner? I don’t mean by the end of the year – yes set these however, I mean what is your goal for today? What is your goal for the week? Small successes are the way to a positive mind when the going gets tough. 

The next point is to flip a negative thought on its head: 

‘Nobody wants sweets in January’

‘Everyone is on a diet & it’s a tough month financially.’

‘If one thing has to sacrificed it is going to be things like my business sell’.

These thoughts are ones that creep in my mind at the beginning of January and throughout. If I let it eat up at me it really gets me down, I am not going to sit here and preach to you about how I can just click my fingers and think positively when times are hard. However if you do flip it to: 

‘January is tough and people want that small treat to make a hard week that bit sweeter’

‘Valentine’s is just around the corner’

‘What other avenues can you explore? Business to business etc’

Then things do change. You find the fight from somewhere to get back up. Some things will fail. Some things won’t. Most likely the ones that don’t fail are because you have learned some big lesson from the ones that did fail. Celebrate every small success. Whether that is simply turning up when you really a negative nelly. Look back and reflect on how far you have come and find that fire in your belly that made you brave enough to take that chance in the first place. The fire that inspired you to take the first leap, can be the same fire that makes you take the 50th, 100th and so on.

In a nutshell, what I am saying is relatable to anyone in or out of business. Think negative & negative energy will get you. Think positively & take action and things will happen. Might not be today, might not be tomorrow. But it will come if you believe.

 Amy x

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