Starting a business

Mar 06 , 2021

Starting a business

There’s no massive secret in how to start a business. It’s pretty simple really, anyone can start a business. However, it’s not as simple making a business which is successful and has the potential to grow. In my blog post, I am going to discuss the 3 most important things that I believe have helped me grow my business and have some successes. What I must say is, when you start a business you must be prepared to fail and get things wrong. Hence why I say some successes.


  1. Socials

The most important for me is social media. If your social media is on point and consistent, you are off to a good start. There are plenty shortcuts – buying followers & likes etc but these simply do not translate to sales. Whatever your business is, get your content looking banging and use all avenues you possibly can to get the word out there. If we are focusing on insta/fb, I would look to post 3 times a day: morning, dinnertime and evening with varying content (pictures, videos, swipes, reels). With consistency comes growth. Not all posts will bang, but don’t give up.


  1. You can’t be good at everything

As a business owner, it’s easy to want to do everything in yourself – it’s your pride and joy. However, it just simply isn’t possible and not the best way to grow your business. It’s something I have struggled with the most, letting things go out of my control. But, you have to be honest with yourself. There are going to be other people that are better at some aspects of your business than you. Accept it and use it to grow your business. An example of this for me was when I wanted my website to be better, but wouldn’t let go of wix (a simple website format that anyone can function). However, by giving someone else control of it whose profession is website design my online shop looks a million times better and is also much easier to use for the customer.


  1. With challenge brings the potential to grow

If you simply sit in your comfort zone and look for a quick fix, of selling for example a few bags of sweets to make some cash, then that’s all it will ever be. Nothing comes easily, and if it does are you truly proud of it? I listened to a podcast recently and this was a real prominent message I took from it. Make a plan, let people think what they want and silently make moves.  Do stuff what other people in your field aren’t doing – that’s what makes your business different and unique. People may see Sweet Life as just simply packing some sweets and delivering them, but I know what I vision it to be and every day I am seeking opportunities to grow through self-development.


Whatever your business is, starting it is pretty simple as stated above. But if you take anything from this blog, let it be that sitting within a comfort zone will never get you much further than the next person in your field. Think outside the box, welcome challenges and never doubt your own ability to make moves on the business scene.



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