Sweet Life: Our Lifeline and The Future

Jan 07 , 2021

Sweet Life: Our Lifeline and The Future

Well, it has been a while I must admit. The December rush got all a little too much and my blogging came to a short pause. However as we move into January, and the hope of normality resuming has been well and truly dashed I thought it was the perfect time for reflection, an honest look into my time during the pandemic and finally my hope for the future dashed with a little bit of positivity in the form of sugar.

First of all, I have got to say a massive thanks to everyone who has supported SL in 2020. It saw my business grow and blossom years early than I ever expected. It has been lovely to hear people’s kind words and praise, with also some people taking something from my journey of leaving my career for uncertainty. I’m glad I have been of some help to those who feel stuck. More than anything this pandemic has shown that life is short and precious. Some risks will pay off, and some will not. Personally, I’d rather take the chance on happiness than have what ifs when I’m 40.

Although 2020 was a brilliant year for my business and for me personally moving forward with what makes me happy, I have seen the impact of the pandemic on so many people, mental health and our nation that it’s somewhat hard to celebrate the success. I saw friends who work on the frontline, battling every day. My partner, Carl, and close friends self-employed which saw them lose work. Carl lost every bit of work and couldn’t claim anything due to loopholes in the furlough scheme. Thankfully, SL saved us both and that’s why this business feels so special. Like it was meant to be, meant to grow to help us through this time. No matter what happens in the future with this business, I will be forever grateful for the lifeline it provided us. Each and every sale helped us, financially and emotionally, to get through them tough months. It means more than you’ll ever know. Yet here we are again, so we go again and attack 2021 in lockdown 3.0.

What are my aspirations for 2021? Plenty say, I bet lockdown boosts your sales. Well yeah perhaps they are right. But, what I truly want for 2021 is normality to resume and my friends and family to see happier times. In terms of business, I would love to get out and about a little more. Perhaps to events etc, spread the word further and meet the people who have supported me. I want my packaging to improve and will eventually strive to stock in well-known retailers. It might be a long shot at this point, but I want to show people that when you believe in something, take risks and graft you can make something pretty dam good. Despite the doubters – they help if anything.


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